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How to Fix Dry, Rough Feet

Board certified podiatrist, Dr. Emily Keeter explains why feet are prone to dryness, and shares why Pedestrian Project's Walker's Cream is her favorite product to recommend for healthy, moisturized feet.


Hi, I'm Dr. Emily Keeter. I'm a board certified podiatrist in Podiatric medicine as well as an endurance athlete. I'm here to tell you about one of my favorite products and why. 

Now most people don't realize but the skin on the bottom of your feet is 3-4 times thicker than the skin anywhere else on your body. You also have no sebaceous gland which means you produce no sebum. Sebum is oil. Now oil is your body's way of self-moisturizing, of producing the moisture that your body needs. Now because you cannot do that on the bottom of your feet, you need products to help you out.

Now dry skin, dry feet can be itchy, painful, prone to cracking, it can be unsightly, but healthy moisturized feet is your number one defense against infection. It also can decrease the amount of calluses, athlete's foot, blisters and pain that your feet have as well. 

If you are not currently moisturizing, you need to be! This is the product that I am currently using as well as recommending to my patients. It's called Walker's Cream by Pedestrian Project. It is amazing. Number 1, it smells great. Number 2, it's designed for that super thick skin you have on the bottom of your feet. It's full of plant butters, healing oils and it doesn't leave a thick residue. It absorbs right in. If you want super soft, smooth, and most importantly, healthy feet and skin, go pick some up.