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5 Tips for Hikers

As spring hiking approaches, DHiking path through woods on sunny spring dayr. Amanda Westfall McCarty, DPM offers five tips to get you back on the trails. 

  1. Check your Boots. It may be time to replace your boots, and if you start now, you'll have time to break them in. Your insoles may wear our faster than your boots so check those independently as well. 
  2. Take a Walk. Start wearing your boots for short walks to get your feet use to them again. 
  3. Check for Hot Spots. Check for hot spots where your skin might be rubbing on your boot. Moleskin or layered socks can help alleviate any issues
  4. Prep Your Skin. While some callus formation is ok as it can help to protect from blisters or wounds, Dr. Westfall McCarty recommends using Pedestrian's Purifying Foot Soak and Cracked Heel Repair to soften or prevent calluses from forming altogether 
  5. Stretch! Stretch before and after your hikes. This can help with muscle soreness and injury prevention by increasing flexibility

Get to Know Doctor Westfall McCarty 
Dr. Amanda Westfall McCarty, DPM works with patients to create a custom plan to get them out of foot pain and back to the activities they love. She is known for her complete care approach to foot and ankle pain. Located in Central Oregon one of her favorite local hikes is Tumalo Falls.
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Bend, Oregon