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What Moves Us? Feet

Really, when you think about it, our feet are extraordinary. Each one has 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, 107 ligaments, and over 200,000 nerve endings. They power us through over 2.5 million steps per year and influence the health of our entire body.

Icon showing brain sending signals to nerve endings in foot

Each foot has 200,000 nerve endings that send millions of signals to our brain with every step. Calming creams and gentle massage can quiet these nerves at the end of the day, warding off aches and pains

Pair of feet in soaking tub full of epsom salt and water

Our feet have more sweat glands - 125,000 per foot - than any other part of our body. A good soak (and good socks!) are critical for keeping them free of odor and infections

Icon of sneakers shown with a Pedestrian Shoe Pillow insert inside

When we run, our feet withstand 5x our body weight, with our heels feeling most of the pressure. Good insoles will help absorb the shock, redistribute the weight and keep feet strong

Icon of toenail clippers clipping big toenail

Toenails are 2-3x as thick as fingernails and help protect our toes from bumps, bruises and scrapes, but their humid environment leaves them prone to infection so monthly trimming and weekly soaks are key

Icon showing moisture barrier of foot visualized via small droplets of water

As our outermost extremity and lacking oil glands, our feet are prone to dehydration. A daily moisturizer and a heel butter will replenish parched cells, keep heels smooth and protect feet from the elements

Icon showing foot file being used on the ball of a foot

As we age, the soft tissue on the bottom of our feet erodes, making us more prone to calluses. A weekly soak, a quality foot file and regular moisturizing, will remove calluses you have and prevent new ones