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Main Street (Park City, UT)

City: Park City, UT 

Neighborhood: Main Street, Downtown


Recommended for any day Spring through Fall (note: on Sundays in the Summer, it’s Park Silly Sunday Market, an artist and farmer’s market!)

If you want to fuel up first with a quick bite of breakfast or Brunch, try the wholesome and delicious Harvest. If you need a coffee, the eclectic and art-housey vibe at Atticus is perfect, as are the matcha lattes, books, and well, everything caffeinated.

Now that you're fueled up, start at the park next to the Park City library (Park Avenue between 12th and 13th) to soak in the green, the ski town atmosphere, and watch all the local dogs running and frisbee-catching. Insider's tip: it’s also easy to park around there.

Next, continue South on Park, Woodside, or Norfolk Avenues for a few blocks to admire some of the adorable houses surrounding the village and stakeout your next Airbnb rental. Once you hit 8th Street, walk East to Main Street and take a right (heading South again) for as long as you'd like or until the end, when you can turn around and hit the other side of the street on the way back. 

Recommended pit stops: 

  • Pop into a few art galleries and shops to pick up skiwear on huge discount (’tis the offseason!)
  • Enjoy a glass or aperitif at High West where the drinks (and signature whiskey) are as good as the food
  • If you’re feeling up to it, ride the chairlift from right off of Main Street and explore the mountain a little too! 
Photo credit: Olivia Hutcherson

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