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5 Easy Ways to Warm Cold Feet

While there may be a number of reasons why your feet feel like ice blocks, here are five easy tips to warm up your cold feet. 
Woman sliding cold feet into gray slippers

1. Stretch or Move Your Feet - The fastest way to increase circulation to your feet is to get them active. Daily movement, stretching and a general non-sedentary lifestyle can do wonders to increasing circulation and warming up your feet 

2. Put on Some Socks - Perhaps the easiest solution, wearing warm, insulated socks or slippers will help increase the temperature of your feet. While you don’t want your feet to be cold, you also don’t want them to be sweaty. Avoid synthetic fibers when possible to keep feet warm and dry

3. Foot Massage - Foot massages are another great way to boost circulation to your feet. Our Walker’s Cream is a great daily moisturizer that is perfect for foot massages! 

4. Crank up the Heat - Sometimes it’s simply cold. Turn up the heat or get a fire going in the fireplace

5. Put Out That Cigarette and Don’t Refill Your Coffee - Decrease nicotine and/or caffeine consumption as both are known vasoconstrictors and can constrict blood flow

Having cold feet occasionally is perfectly normal, but persistent cold feet may be a sign of a more serious medical condition like diabetes, hypothyroidism or anemia. If you suspect a more serious medical issue, consult a podiatrist or general physician. 
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