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A Guide to Healthy Winter Feet

Cold winter weather, stuffy socks and shoes, and dry, indoor heat can wreak havoc on our feet. But with just a bit of self care, smooth, soft, healthy feet are within reach this winter.

Feet in winter boots by fire
  • As our outermost extremity lacking the ability to produce natural oils like the rest of our body, our feet are uniquely prone to dehydration. Add dry, indoor heat to the mix and it’s a recipe for rough, dry scaly skin. Using a daily moisturizer and/or a targeted cracked heel treatment replenishes and repairs the skin, particularly those stubborn dry areas on the heels and ankles.
  • Winter footwear is great for keeping our feet protected from the elements, but temperatures can skyrocket to more than 100 degrees inside, causing feet to sweat, socks to dampen and bacteria to flourish. Wear socks made from natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, to help absorb moisture and add a weekly foot soak to your routine to help ward off fungal infections like athlete's foot.
  • Life on foot skiing, snowboarding or ice skating can be a blast, but size up slightly when buying or renting gear to allow for good circulation. Properly fitting footwear can prevent blisters, chafing and ankle injuries. And make sure to give your feet breaks throughout the day allowing them to rest and air out.

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